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Uniquely Linked 1 & 2 Hour Episodes Over Multiple Seasons 




Episode 01 - Pilot


(So it begins)

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Episode 02


(Behold the handmaiden of the Lord)


Episode 03


(Integrity and knowledge)



MAXIME TENENDO SPE (Holding onto hope)

Following the death of King Herod, Josef brings back his wife and baby son from Egypt to find that Archelaus, Herod’s son has already slaughtered thousands of his compatriots. While desperately trying to protect his family from attracting Archelaus' attention, he tries to find their elderly relatives, Zechariah and Elizabeth who have also miraculously had a baby boy, who they named John.


EXIMIUM PRAEMIUM (An exceptional reward) 

Promoted as a result of saving Emperor Tiberius’ life, Pontius Pilate takes up his position as the governor of Judea with the intention of ruling firmly but with justice. However, he’s unaware that in both Jerusalem and Rome, there are determined opponents at work trying to bring about his demise and ultimate failure, including his immediate superior, Sejanus.



CONTROVERSIAE IUDICIIS (controversial decision)


After leaving Nazareth to move to the Roman city of Capernaum, Yeshua calls four hard working fishermen to become his first disciples.  Despite witnessing the miraculous healing of a paralytic, the religious leaders accuse Him of blasphemy. Meanwhile, the fishermen are shocked to witness Yeshua inviting Levi, the local tax collector who has personally defrauded them, to also join him as a disciple.    



FRAUDE AC DOLO INTUS (Treachery & deciept from within)

Tiberius, Rome’s peace-loving Emperor faces a vicious coup led by Sejanus, his closest friend.  If he fails to win the support of the senate without Sejanus becoming aware of his plan, his family dynasty will lose control of the Empire forever, as well as their lives.



DE MORTE AD VITAM  (From death to life)

The sisters of Lazarus are shocked and disappointed when Yeshua appears to ignore their plea for him to come to Bethany to heal their brother, who’s seriously ill. When Lazarus dies, the family lose hope until Yeshua arrives and asks to be taken to his tomb. The events that unfold when Lazarus is raised from the dead cause the religious leaders in Jerusalem to plan the murder of both Lazarus and Yeshua.   



After a life of disbelief in his older brother’s purpose and mission, James witnesses the crucifixion and the resurrection of his brother Yeshua. He is compelled to embark on a life of mission, facing intense opposition from both the ruling authorities and his peers as he attempts to bring peace among the different religious factions in Jerusalem.  


DE RE VITAE VEL MORTIS (A matter of life or death)

The outbreak of a systematic and cruel persecution of Jerusalem’s new Christians by Saul leads to Nicholas being trusted to lead hundreds of families to safety through the city’s sewers and underground tunnels during the night, in one of history’s greatest escapes.



VERITAS, HONOR ET JUSTITIA  (Truth, honor and justice) 

Aulus, the Roman general who had conquered Britain, is accused of harbouring a criminal in his home by Agrippina, the beautiful, but malicious mother of Nero. When the criminal is revealed to be his wife, and her crime is to have become a Christian, Nero forces Aulus to prove his loyalty to Rome by being the judge over his wife’s trial. If she’s found guilty, Aulus will be forced to sentence her to death. 



ROMANUS VIRTUTE ET HONORE (A Roman of valor and honor)

Torpes, one of the Empire’s most well-known gladiators, becomes the head of Nero’s’ personal bodyguard. But after meeting Peter, he risks everything in his bid to escape the empire with knowledge that will challenge the core of the Empire’s power base and expose the truth about Nero. 


CAUSA SACRFIFICIO DIGNA (A cause worthy of sacrifice)

Banus, a heroic and respected elder is forced to risk the lives of his community at Qu’ran as they try to protect ancient manuscripts from destruction at the hands of Titus, one of Rome’s most determined young Roman generals, who has already destroyed the city of Jerusalem.



CAUSA NON EST DIGNUS SACRIFICIO (A cause not worthy of sacrifice)

Witnessing the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Pliny witnesses his father try to embark secure the Roman fleet to embark on a rescue mission. As the he watches the fleet being systematically destroyed by the volcano’s eruption, he considers how his writings must reflect the truth about Nero and the Roman Empire.    



DE BELLICA VIRTUTE ET DEDECUS (A story of military might and shame)

After the destruction of the Jewish nationalist army and it’s final pockets of resistance, Titus returns to Rome with the wealth of the Jewish nation and the treasury of the Temple, unaware that the use of the funds to build the Colosseum will bring about his own downfall.

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